Portable stainless steel matte tea bottle

Portable tea bottle with three separable containers and an original technology allowing you to infuse your tea even on the go.

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This very original infusion bottle is ideal to carry on your various travels. Its separable stainless steel containers can withstand temperatures from -20°C up to 150°C. The hot beverage is fully insulated inside the bottle, allowing you to hold the container without ever being into contact with the heat. This unique patented technology allows you to brew the tea of your choice for as long as it takes in the 0.17 litre top container and then let the tea flow through the stainless steel filter into the rest of the 0.30 litre capacity flask once the bottle has been tilted at a 45° angle. This patented invention ensures that the tea never comes into contact with plastic materials. To know more about its use, please visit our blog.

Exact colour description

Black, Transparent

Colour group


Package dimensions

248 mm


100 mm, 66 mm


100 mm, 66 mm


-, 490 g

Product dimensions

66 mm


216 mm

Lower glass volume

Upper Glass volume

Material group

Glass, Plastic, Silicone Rubber, Stainless steel

Specific material description

Borosilicate Glass, Stainless steel

Specific Properties
Area of use

General, Leisure, Lifestyle

Drinking bottle equipment



Screw cap

Tea bottle type

Vacuum flask