Infusion glass teapot with bamboo lid

Teapot made of borosilicate glass with large volume (0.9l), internal separable glass filter and carbonized bamboo lid of the same family as the S’024A teacup.

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This modern glass teapot with a capacity of 0.9 litres that can fill up to five glasses of tea is ideal for family gatherings or meetings between colleagues. This model combines SAMADOYO’s finest composition. Its high quality borosilicate glass is resistant to high temperatures and the handle allows the hot drink to be served without ever coming into contact with heat. The slots of its precisely and meticulously crafted filter only allow the tea to flow into the main recipient without the leaves. The teapot is distinguished by its bamboo lid, which is found on other SAMADOYO models and serves as a support for the internal glass filter once the drink is ready to be served. This teapot is used in the same way as the S’024A cup. Use without moderation.

Exact colour description

Bamboo, Transparent

Colour group


Package dimensions

298 mm


152.5 mm


142.5 mm


480 g

Product dimensions

127 mm


0.90 l

Specific Properties
Teapot material

Glass, Metal

Cover material

Carbonized bamboo


Dishwasher safe

Tea stainer