SAMADOYO is one of the Asian leaders in high-quality glassware. The company preserves the traditional Chinese craftsmanship while combining it with Western and modern design. The enterprise tries to seduce the passionate tea and coffee drinkers with convenient and stylish products.

SAMADOYO is a Chinese brand born in Guangdong (China). With over 350 employees and offices of more than 40,000 square meters, the company has been able to bring designers from all over the world, from Japan to Danemark, to help create original concepts. In addition, the presence of experimented glass blowers allows to provide the shapes of SAMADOYO’s products.

All the products are manufactured in borosilicate glass that provides more advantages than usual glassware. First used in industries like chemistry and nuclear, the borosilicate glass now managed its way to households thanks to its versatility. This high-quality glass can resist chemical products used in the laboratory, high heatwaves and thermal shocks.

Every SAMADOYO products are dishwasher safe and can be stored in a fridge without being damaged in the long term. Lastly, those glasses are neutral which means that they have high hydrolytic resistance. In other words, these products do not release sodium over time.

The company possesses research and development centre for patented products.

Every kitchen tools as well as coffee and tea products are exclusively created and monitored in the SAMADOYO’s R&D centre. Every step of the creation of the products is centralised in the same premises which gives the company control over the whole operation and enables the creation of some patented products such as the tea bottles.

In conclusion, this careful centralisation allows SAMADOYO to provide high-quality products, to avoid any potential industrial spying and particularly to share knowledge and experience to franchisees.

Who is Teaspoon LLC, SAMADOYO’s distributor?

Over the last few years, tea and coffee have experienced very unique but similar paths. Where tea is the uncontested favourite drink in tea rooms, coffee has slowly increased in value in the heart of consumers. Nowadays, coffee introduces itself in breakfasts, lunches and small breaks for its health benefits. On the other hand, knowledge and appreciation for tea culture has grown rapidly in Europe, substituting industrial tea bags for better quality and more climate-conscious tea.

We have therefore decided to open our company “Teaspoon” that supports this desire to consume better, while allowing you to discover the richness of tea leaves and the taste coffee beans. SAMADOYO fulfils our requirements due to their high-end quality products or even their excellent team. With our exclusive distribution contract, we wish to convince actual or future passionate of tea and coffee to discover SAMADOYO’s whole range of products, without forgetting the glassware accessories for water and other fresh beverages.

If you are a passionate of tea, coffee or simply refined products, or an owner of a store or a tearoom, we will be listening to you and trying to satisfy your needs and wants. All of that, through the SAMADOYO brand and others that we are looking forward to sharing with you. To know more about our team, we invite you to visit our BLOG.

“As tea lovers, we were looking for sustainable products that were easy to use and wash. Through a small independent Chinese shop, my friend Mike came across one of SAMADOYO’s notorious products. Two years later, the Chinese company decided to trust us, Teaspoon, to share some of its products to Swiss and French customers.”

Andrei, Founder of Teaspoon LLC

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Pro climate-conscious deliveries

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